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Visions for a future that puts sustainability first

13 December, 2023
Visions for a future that puts sustainability first

When it comes to legacy, Up Property has a very simple ethos – to leave things better than they found them. Across the board, each project follows the same vision, meaningfully contributing to their surroundings with thought and style.

With community as a central focus, Up is humanistic in its approach, and consideration of the environment sits at the forefront of each design. It’s this, after all, that informs the quality of life that we’re striving for – and we use it as our inspiration. By engaging with the local community in situ, we’re able to take what’s already there and give back more, elevating each neighbourhood to a higher standard.

From a sustainability standpoint, there is no story quite like Morris Moor – an innovative celebration of Melbourne’s industrial past, reimagined for a more sustainable, urban future. Dating back 70 years, the buildings of the former Philip Morris factory have been converted into premium commercial spaces using a sustainable adaptive reuse program.

In other words, the original warehouses have been repurposed, taking their bones – eaves, large windows and structure – to create an environment that pays homage to its humble beginnings and modern future. Designed and built to target an equivalent to a 5-star NABERS rating, Morris Moor exemplifies energy efficiency.

Through its adaptive reuse program, the result has been a saving of over 19 million kilograms of embodied carbon. To put that into perspective, that’s the equivalent of 400 rail cars full of coal and would take 4,300 MCG ovals of Eucalyptus Forest to absorb that much of carbon over the course of a year.

We’re committed to carbon reduction at each of our developments. At Morris Moor alone, all new materials have been carefully selected to limit carbon emissions, and the complex is fully electric. A renewable energy strategy has been put in place, with a 245kW solar farm installed across the roof of building 4.

A sustainable approach was baked into the creation of an inspired social environment, including ample green spaces, where the 60-year-old trees still stand alongside thousands of new plants and trees. Lofty, high ceilings bring an abundance of light to the space, making room for the indoor gardens, and those who occupy them, to thrive. Health and well-being are recognised as the key to a happy lifestyle, and that’s why onsite yoga is available, and emission free transport options have been supported with state-of-the-art end-of-trip facilities.

Where progressive thinking comes first and meaningful contribution sits alongside, it’s little surprise that for us, a sustainable future is at the centre of our creative vision and methodology. From the sites we secure, to the design, construction and amenities, we are committed to bettering our environment. That’s how we see our legacy, and it always will be.