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Pioneers in Operational Expertise across Property Development

17 November, 2023
Pioneers in Operational Expertise across Property Development

In the world of property development, certain players stand out not just for their portfolio but for the depth of their expertise, and their ability to see potential. With an incomparably sharp eye for identifying promise-filled commercial properties, Up Property’s strength lies in our holistic approach across acquisition, delivery, asset management, and property management.

The numbers tell the story – to date, the total end value of Up Property’s projects stands at an impressive $622,540,000, spanning 414,430sqm of land purchased and 153,505sqm of leased properties.

Expert Collaboration

Our collaboration with leading consultants sets Up apart. Together, we seamlessly oversee the entire investment process, from due diligence and acquisition structuring to finance and ongoing asset management. Backed by diligent research, robust industry relationships, and impressive knowledge, Up Property has positioned itself to embrace projects with significant growth prospects.

Principled Development

Up Property zeroes in on development ventures that hold the promise of becoming landmark projects. We champion the entire lifecycle of a project, from the initial acquisition and design to the final construction, sales and marketing phases. We collaborate only with top-tier architects and consultants that share our values and mirror our commitment to exemplary design and quality.

Our Operational Expertise


We bring patience, a keen sense of untapped potential, and a rich history in realising opportunities to every property acquisition. Our meticulous approach to due diligence, risk mitigation and management of key consultants keeps our focus on properties with the utmost potential.


Every project is unique. We cultivate strong relationships and foster project partnerships with care and passion. Our team is a mix of in-house and external consultants, each chosen to ensure that every Up project reflects our unwavering high standards.

Asset Management:

We have a serious knack for strategic property evaluation and asset management. By reimagining a property from varied perspectives, we make decisions optimised for its highest value. Our impressive track record in asset repositioning includes redevelopment and rezoning to tenancy improvement and community enhancement.

Property Management:

Our hands-on approach to property management makes us stand out. We view tenants as valued partners and strive to build solid, personalised relationships with each one. We bring this collaborative spirit to everything we do, which amplifies our tenants’ success.

With our end-to-end operational expertise, Up Property sets a gold standard in property development. Our forward-thinking approach, coupled with steadfast principles, underscores our commitment to not just building properties but crafting a legacy.