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Keeping Community Front of Mind

16 March, 2024
Keeping Community Front of Mind

In property development, there’s no better tool in your belt than community. From a business perspective, success isn’t just measured on a profit and loss sheet, but by the team you surround yourself with and what you achieve together. Partners and experts who inform, think creatively, and make insightful decisions geared for collective success.

At Up Property, community is everything. Our team works closely with a wide range of collaborators, from architects and interior designers to project managers and construction experts. Each brings their own expertise, but they share a common trait: our partners value meaningful collaboration as we strive to positively impact communities together.

In 2019, Up Property completed the refurbishment of a rundown commercial showroom on High Street in Belmont, Geelong. We engaged with three new tenants to occupy the space, along with an existing tenant, who excitedly signed on for an additional five years.

Up marked the project’s completion by commissioning a large-scale mural by local artist Buff Diss. Wrapping the building, the colossal artwork was designed to reflect the topography of the area and has become a local landmark in its own right – not to mention an irresistible backdrop for passing Instagrammers.

Up Property seized the opportunity to purchase the precinct at the opportune moment. The village area was undergoing change, and the community was looking to breathe life back into their high street. The site was ripe for Up’s visionary ingenuity.

Our team’s commitment to community-centric development not only revitalises urban spaces but also fosters a sense of pride and ownership among locals, truly demonstrating that at Up Property, we don’t just build places and spaces, we nurture the spirit of communities.