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Great Minds Think Alike

21 February, 2024
Great Minds Think Alike

At Up Property’s very core is the desire to be surrounded by good people. To nurture our relationships with care and effective communication because it we believe this is what breeds success.

In every project, Up aims to create spaces of substance and value. A place that visitors will seek out, enjoy, and appreciate. This starts with our stakeholders. In particular, our tenants, who become the pulse of our communities. Up looks for like-minded tenants – those who ‘get’ our vision and reflect our commitment to integrity and progressive thinking.

One such tenant is Stomping Ground at Up Property’s Morris Moor precinct. Once a humble neighbourhood brewery, Stomping Ground now occupies a warehouse with large indoor and outdoor seating areas – and they’re busy every day. They believe that there is a beer for all walks and every taste – and they’ve coloured-coded their 25 taps to help their customers find theirs.

The laidback environment welcomes everyone, including dogs, kids, and musicians who play live sets each weekend. Stomping Ground strives for more. Better beer for good people, making sure to give back to their community with their ‘Giving Ground’ initiative. The proof of their success is in their reputation.

Up Property prides itself on building precincts that become thriving communities. And the results speak for themselves. Up will always partner with tenants like Stomping Ground and Morris Moor, because simply put, the best successes are shared.