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Where exceptional care and innovation meets contemporary living

21 September, 2023
Where exceptional care and innovation meets contemporary living

Welcome to the world of Arc Living, where exceptional care and innovation meets contemporary living.

Arc is dedicated to redefining the benchmark for modern living through its partnership with leading architects and consultants who share its passion for design and quality. With a progressive mindset and ambitious vision, Arc strives to deliver timeless and affordable homes that contribute to the cultural and economic value of the communities it serves.

Arc Living is the flagship property development initiative of Up Property. It encapsulates Up’s dedication to innovative architecture and design that sets it apart in the industry. From conceptualisation to the final touches, Up’s unwavering focus on the future ensures its designs not only impress but achieve the desired outcomes. The result is a collection of homes that seamlessly blend aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability, captivating the imagination of its customers, tenants, investors, partners, and consultants alike.

Critical to the company’s success is an understanding that its customers are the cornerstone of its success. That’s why Arc goes above and beyond to take care of its customers at every step of their homeownership journey. Trust is at the core of relationships, and Arc’s impeccable track record of exceptional service and delivering high-quality homes has earned it the confidence of its customers through a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction. Arc believes in forging long-lasting relationships that extend beyond a transaction.

Arc isn’t afraid to trust its instincts and seize exciting opportunities. Its success story in Geelong is a testament to its foresight and determination to add value wherever it goes. While others were hesitant, Arc recognised the promise of the area early on and its bold approach paid off. This success fuels its drive to continue enriching neighbourhoods and communities through beautiful design, bringing life and character to every home it creates.

For Arc Living, a home is more than just a physical space, it’s a place of belonging, cherished memories, and future dreams. With this belief, Arc holds itself to sky-high standards when crafting homes under the Arc by Up Property brand. Attention to detail is paramount in everything it does, ensuring each home exudes warmth and character. Additionally, its commitment to reliable, always-on customer service means that its customers can count on Arc for support whenever they need it. Arc makes it a point to keep its customers at the centre of everything it does.

As a brand, Arc prides itself on its friendly and engaging approach. Just like two friends catching up over lunch, it aims to create a connection that is authentic, approachable, and enjoyable. After all, Arc Living is more than just a property development company. They are creators of contemporary townhome living experiences that push the boundaries of design and quality, striving to deliver homes that surpass expectations.

Join Arc Living on this journey of redefining modern living and let it be your trusted partner in finding the perfect home that goes beyond expectations.