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Cliking into place at Morris Moor

29 June, 2023
Cliking into place at Morris Moor

CLIK Collective is one of Morris Moor’s largest tenants. As its name suggests, CLIK Collective is a business built on a shared model. Its 8,000sqm of space is occupied by over 120 small to medium online businesses. In addition to warehouse space, CLIK provides co-working spaces designed for the needs of the e-comm community.

CLIK Collective was one of Morris Moor’s first tenants. Since establishing its roots in Moorabbin in 2020, the business has exploded in popularity.

Up Property’s Adam Davidson says the success of the business has a lot to do with CLIK’s strategy behind the provision of co-working space – something that was lacking in the south-eastern suburbs.

It is more than just warehousing and office spaces. CLIK provides small businesses with the opportunity to join an ecommerce community focused on success, while being supported every step of the way. That journey includes workshops, talks, meetups and programs focused on ecommerce trends to help tenants grow personally and professionally.

CLIK Collective also partner with leading logistics, financial, and business service providers to provide access to exclusive services, support and reduced rates on necessities such as shipping and transport.

Adam emphasised Up’s belief that Melbourne’s middle-ring suburbs have an underlying demand for satellite co-working spaces, which are currently underserved. While numerous operators vie for traditional office locations in the Melbourne CBD and city fringe, business owners and employees consistently seek opportunities to live and work in close proximity, prioritising quality time with family over commuting to and from the city.

Research indicates that local business operators prefer a more adaptable arrangement rather than committing to long-term leases in conventional offices. Up noted the rise of such spaces in other suburban business parks in the surrounding suburbs, making the Click who focus on this type of offering, such an appealing an one.

With the support of Kingston Council, Up Property forged connections with various local community groups, small businesses and individuals who eagerly anticipated the development of professional, well-coordinated and managed co-working spaces at Morris Moor. This further strengthened Up’s confidence in existing demand, which remains strong with 120 new businesses already renting spaces at CLIK in 2023.

Harry Kempler, Founder and Director of CLIK Collective, attributes Morris Moor’s appeal to its convenient location, connectivity and onsite amenities. These include cafes, childcare facilities, beautifully landscaped gardens and a publicly accessible courtyard. There’s even an award-winning brewery for lunchtime or after work catch-ups. These features make Morris Moor an appealing site for individuals and businesses based in Melbourne’s south-east to launch and expand their e-commerce endeavours.

CLIK Collective at Morris Moor has plenty to offer small businesses seeking co-working spaces and the tools for future success. The facility provides secure individual warehouse spaces, private offices, meeting rooms, kitchen and amenities, a loading dock, a goods-out cage, a photography studio and so much more.

Operating an e-commerce business involves various stages, whether it’s taking the initial leap from operating at home to finding a space or streamlining operations and managing inventory in a single location. CLIK Collective boasts a flexible model that can support virtually any e-commerce business. All the spaces, facilities and services at Morris Moor are purposefully designed to cater to a business’s specific needs. And it’s driving CLIK Collective’s ever-evolving success story.

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